EXECUTIVE COACHING (in English and Japanese)

Provided as one on one on site and/or in our office, and also via tele-communication, our executive coaching approach is practical and action-oriented. Based on each executive’s individual needs, the customized executive coaching plan is developed according to the time and budget allowed as well as the specific goals.

The common goals in executive coach include but not limited to: leading change, decision making, leveraging differences, talent development, communication, utilizing personal strength, personality characteristics, and so on.

The main advantage of utilizing external consultant and coach is the confidentiality and objective perspectives the consultant can provide in discussing the actions and directions. Dr. Mikamo has provided executive coaching in the industries and organizations including manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, chemical, IT, telecommunication, media, distributions, transportation, medical, government, research, higher education, and agriculture.


The expertise utilized in organizational consulting lies in a variety of focus areas, such as management consultation, personnel and HR, team building, workplace stress management, interpersonal conflicts and group dynamics, multicultural consultation, and motivation/performance enhancement of the employees.

As an expert in working with multicultural human relations and systems, Dr. Mikamo helps organizations covert areas of challenges beyond the surface, and provides consultation with management, one on one interventions, group interventions, seminars, and workshops. Most of the services can be delivered on site if requested.

SPORT PSYCHOLOGY (in English and Japanese)

At the top level of competitions, what makes a difference is the conditions of the athlete’s brain. Sports psychology is the integration of science and art, based on neuroscience, neuropsychology, behavioral sciences, kinesthesiology, and humanity.

Dr. Mikamo works with high levels of individual athletes and athletic teams, and she also works with coaches and team leaders if requested. The topics in sports psychology include motivation, relaxation and anxiety (arousal management), focus and concentration, imagery, mind-body connection, prevention of burning out, and overcoming adversity including injury and personal circumstances.

For developing elite athletes from the ages 2 to 18, sport psychology services are essential. This is because there are so many hidden traps in their mental worlds, which would inevitably end up spoiling the rare gifts in their athletic abilities while developing as an elite athlete and human being. The examples of such traps are inflated egos and mental vulnerability because of it, perfectionism and unhealthy methods to try to achieve excellence (such as eating disorders and self-destructive behavior), internalized conflicts due to the pressure from parents, coaches, or media, substance abuse, and the imbalance between their athletic growth needs and developmentally appropriate psychological needs. It’s very important for young elite athletes to develop as strong and flexible minds as their bodies.

Sport psychology services are provided in our office, on training sites, on competition sites, and via tele-communication, depending on the needs of the athlete(s).

PSYCHOTHERAPY (in English and Japanese)

Individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and child/adolescent therapy are provided by Dr. Mikamo. Customized and integrative approaches are utilized in providing therapy, according to the needs of each patient, couple, and family.

The treatment issues include but not limited to: depression and other mood disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, adjustment difficulties, stress, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse (including alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and prescriptions), impulse control, anger management, domestic violence, grief, marital and couples conflicts, cross-cultural couples, parenting, geriatrics, communication, social skills and assertiveness, AD/HD (attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder), learning disorders, developmental disorders, giftedness, disorders seen in children and adolescents, health psychology, and legal issues.

Each clinical case is different. Some patients need and will benefit from brief, more concrete, and behaviorally oriented psychotherapy. Some will benefit most from longer-term psychotherapy that integrates psychodynamic or existential and cognitive-behavioral approaches. And some will benefit from the combination of medications, longer-term and insight oriented psychotherapy, and family support.

Cognitive-behavioral approaches include relaxation training, EMDR, hypnosis, biofeedback, and desensitization.

In our office, with a warm and emotionally safe atmosphere, Dr. Mikamo utilizes her best scientific knowledge and clinical experiences in helping you access your internal and external resources within given time and economical constraints.

For special circumstances, home visits and tele-therapy for patients in remote locations may be available. Please inquire for the appropriateness and availability of specialized services for your situation.

Please note that we do NOT offer email or telephone advice for your clinical concerns UNLESS you go through an intake process and agree on our specific treatment contract, AND tele-therapy or electronic communication is deemed appropriate and necessary by both parties.

MEDICATION CONSULTATION (in English and Japanese)

For the patients that request the conjunctive treatment for psychopharmacological evaluations and interventions, Dr. Mikamo works with Dr. Michael Lardon (a board certified psychiatrist and author of Finding Your Zone: Ten Lessons for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life, www.drlardon.com). While Dr. Lardon evaluates and prescribes psychotropic medications, Dr. Mikamo will monitor and support your progress in therapy and provide psychological and cultural recommendations to Dr. Lardon for even more on-target treatment decisions.

This is a very unique and most effective mental health service, in which the clinical psychologist and the board certified psychiatrist actually sit in the same room with you and openly discuss your psychopharmacological treatment, based on your biological and psychological conditions.

Please note that this specific service is only offered to the patients who are in on-going psychotherapy treatment at US-Japan Psychological Services.

**For the patients who seek medication evaluations without psychotherapy (not recommended), please contact your primary doctor for referrals or directly contact the office of Michael Lardon, MD (1-858-292-2929).

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING (in English and Japanese)

Psychological and psychoeducational testing and neuropsychological screening are conducted based on the needs of the patient or client. Psychological testing we provide includes diagnostic and treatment recommendations, personality evaluation, psychoeducational evaluation for special education and gifted education, developmental evaluation, forensic evaluation and consultation, occupational consultation, organizational consultation, executive coaching, and sport psychology.

A battery of tests will be carefully selected and utilized, depending on the specific purposes. Examples of such tests and assessment tools are intelligence tests, achievement tests, receptive and expressive language tests, executive functioning tests, neuropsychological tests, personality tests (both data-based and inference-oriented) , career interest tests, 360 feedback, cultural adaptability test, occupational mental health screening, and so on.


Forensic evaluation and consultation are for civil, criminal, family, and juvenile court-related cases. Both services can be based on our independent interviews and testing or existing data and documents. Our expertise is in evaluation of and consultation for Asian and Asian-American plaintiffs, respondents, defendants, witnesses, and collateral informants.


If you are a physician, mental health professional, or educator (including organizations in these fields) and you are seeking expert knowledge and recommendations on Japanese or Asian-related contents and issues, we are here for clinical consultation and supervision. Please call our office for our fee structure.